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A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), bulk bag, or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic.

Common FIBC Types

  • Regular Jumbo Bags (Type A)
  • Anti-static Jumbo Bags (Type B)
  • Conductive Jumbo Bags (Type C)
  • U + 2 and Circular Bags
  • Sulzer Fabric bags
  • Ventilated Bags (With and without Interlocking)
  • Bottle Shaped/Pre Shaped Liner Bags
  • Liners with or without Tabbing
  • Glued Liner bags
  • Certified Food Grade bags from Clean Room production
  • Bags for Hazardous commodity (UN Bags)
  • Dust Proof Bags
  • Baffle Bags
  • Tunnel Lift Loop Bags
  • Single Loop and Two Loop bags
  • Container Liners (20ft & 40ft)