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Square dunnage bag

We are producing tube dunnage bag and square dunnage bag.

We Providing Cost Effective and relievable dunnage Bag Solutions to Transportation Damage Problems and our dunnage bags are Ideal damage prevention services for all type of shipping packages, rolls, cartons, skids, pallets

and good for direct rail and truck shipments, as well as Intermodal shipments.

Heavy-duty woven Dunnage bags are perfect for heavy weight and full coverage requirements
(a) High Strength Polyethylene, polypropylene Liner and Woven Polypropylene outer shell
(b) High performance, light weight metallocene based liner (Optional)
(c) Good elasticity which allows the film to lay extremely flat
(d) Flow valve is a standard feature on all bags
(e) Bags fill four times faster than most other bags on the market

(f) NRV valve available
(g) our square dannage bag provide perfect coverage for complete vacant space
(h) Designed for user convenience
(i) Improve cargo and road safety
(j)Recyclable & cost-effective
(k)Lightweight, strong & durable
(l)A good variety of sizes & strengths